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Your Personal Website: The Holiday Gift That Keeps On Giving

When I think back on some of my favorite holiday gifts from the past, several come immediately to mind . . . the vast majority centering around my fairly pronounced Star Wars obsession as a kid. ‘Obsession’ is actually putting it rather mildly. But there were still quite a few other presents that didn’t necessarily add more money into George Lucas’ swelling bank accounts.

There was the Christmas I got my first bike, which I promptly wiped out on for the next few weeks until finally ‘cracking’ the fine art of balance. I recall receiving a pretty swanky drum set when I was around 7 or 8 years-old. Unfortunately, I didn’t come of age during the ‘personal technology era’ that we’re in the midst of right now, so I never awoke to a shinny Macintosh laptop tucked under a twinkling Christmas tree . . . or an Ipod, or Iphone . . . or even my own personal website. A website . . . now THAT sounds like a cool gift for the holidays . . . Just hear me out on this one before frowning.

No matter where you go in the world, everyone’s looking for a slice of freedom. Freedom is one of our basic needs as humans. For some, choosing their own public officials in open elections is the mark of a free society. Still others interpret freedom more along the lines of picking out a career that seems to make them the happiest and then pursuing it with passion. There’s millions of different ways to define freedom, but certainly one of those has to revolve around having and operating a personal website.

Think about what a personal website is. A personal website is your very own customized forum open to anyone on Earth to do with as you see fit. A good friend of mine is a creative writer, so his website acts as a showcase for his anthology of short stories. I know others who are yoga teachers, actors, photographers, you name it . . . they’ve all set up personal websites as virtual platforms for their own unique brand of talents.

Ever dreamed of staring your own business? You can do it now with a website. Are you an artist who’s looking for a bricks and mortar gallery to hang your work in? Forget catering to the stuffy gallery down the street . . . you can turn your website into a gallery. Plus you’ll be able to reach a lot more people online than you’d ever be able to do with a traditional gallery that depends on people wandering in off the street. Having a hard time getting that novel of yours published? Well, use your website as a way to get your work out there. Lots of writers are doing this. In fact, some writers are skipping having to deal with publishing companies altogether. Why share profits with a publisher when you may not even need one anymore? Some blogs are even being developed into TV shows . . .

See . . . now don’t you want a website of your very own this holiday season? Yeah, I thought so. ☺


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