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The Value Of Learning About SEO

I’ll admit, the basic components of SEO seem pretty straightforward and fairly obvious (keyword density, content creation) but still, getting a firm grasp as to the specifics of what it actually takes to fully optimize, say, a company’s website can be downright confusing and hard to follow if you aren’t already used to the finer technological aspects of the craft.

And while I would always recommend that the absolute best way to reap the full value of an SEO campaign is to hire professionals instead of trying to muddle your way through the complex process solo (please don’t try this at home people), it never hurts to keep up with the latest SEO trends and techniques to help keep you, the customer, better informed. I mean, when you visit the car dealership, don’t you want to know something about cars first before you plunk down all that money?

Fortunately for all concerned, there’s a literal slew of blogs covering the SEO topic that are perfect for ironing out any confusion the average person my have about what exactly SEO does, its functionality over the long and short term, and how to get the most optimized ‘bang’ for your hard-earned bucks.

The SEOmoz Blog – With close to 100,000 subscribers thus-far, lead contributor Randy Fishkin’s blog is one of the main-stays within the SEO realm. Regardless of your particular level of knowledge, or lack thereof, SEOmoz has plenty of basic and informative guides throughout, while always maintaining a firm hold on the industry’s endlessly-shifting pulse. There’s even a weekly video feature called White Board Friday that addresses a current SEO topic.

Marketingland.com – The best SEO masters are also very keen and shrewd marketers, because when you get right down to it, clever marketing ‘chops’ forms the bulk of solid SEO work. To better understand the core goals of SEO, it’s of paramount importance to have at least some understanding of how the computer-age is changing the way we humans market ourselves and our brands online. Also check out marketingpilgrim.com as well for some more invaluable information.

Inside Search – Okay, I know you’ve probably heard of an ‘algorithm,’ but do you really know what it is and how deeply it can affect the way everyone approaches SEO? Swing by and check out Google’s official blog for some regular updates on their all-important algorithm, accompanying industry news, and important events.

Search Engine Land – When something’s got the word ‘land’ in it, you know it’s probably got some substantial meat on its bones information-wise. Here you get a concise breakdown of everything under the SEO sun, from PPC Advertising, HTML code, SEM, and Social Media. They’ve even got their own Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors to help break terms and concepts down into learnable components. SEO is a science after all.

Regardless of which area of Life you’re about to plunge head-first into, whether it’s re-wiring your home (which I also wouldn’t recommend doing on your own btw) or learning about SEO, you’ll always benefit by being more informed on the topic. It not only feels better to actually know what’s going on (and what you’re paying for), but you’ll probably end-up asking the right questions which in turn could help steer you and your campaign in a more useful direction. That’ll help cement your own grasp of SEO, and the relationship you’re bound to have with the team of SEO experts you hire.


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