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The Mobile Apps Revolution

During his lifetime, William Shakespeare is known to have written 38 plays, a hefty chunk of which take place in some pretty exotic locales like Greece, Italy, and even Egypt. But did you know that in his 52 years, the Bard never even set foot outside his home country of England? As you might have expected, people back in the Renaissance didn’t get around very much. The vast majority rarely ventured beyond the crude borders of their hometowns, let alone journeyed to neighboring countries, or dared crossing open seas in dangerous ships. How things have changed huh?

According to the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, every day there’s approximately 29,000 commercial flights taking off and landing all over the world. In the nearly 500 years since Shakespeare’s death, we’ve collectively become a species obsessed with mobility. And with the fairly recent introductions of mobile phones, Ipads, and laptop computers to our growing gaggle of gadgets, extreme mobility has gone from uncommon to commonplace overnight.

With so many of us now obsessively on the go, it’s no surprise that mobile applications have become all the rage recently. Mobile applications are exactly what their name implies: software applications that run on any number of small, low-power handheld electronic devices like mobile phones or Ipads.

It used to be that mobile applications provided simple productivity services like answering emails, updating your weekly or monthly calendar, or maybe checking out what the weather will be like tomorrow in San Francisco. Well, the mobile app market has since exploded ($25 Billion in revenue estimated by the year 2015) with now hundreds and perhaps even thousands of additional applications available to suit any need under the Sun. And I mean ANY . . .

There’s an app employing the latest in GPS technology that helps New Yorker’s track their taxi rides to make sure they’re not getting ripped off by dishonest cabbies (go NY!); another one allows airline pilots to record their pre-flight and emergency safety procedures and listen to them step-by-step in the cockpit just so they don’t miss anything (Thank God for that); there’s even an app called Ghost Radar that’s equipped with sensors to detect paranormal activity by measuring electromagnet fields, vibrations, and any other weird sounds (Sure, why not?).

The merits of mobility are undeniable, even if you’re in the business of chasing down ghosts. Real-time access to portable intelligence can radically revolutionize the way companies do business, respond to customers, get an edge over competitors, or maybe just cut loose and have a bit of fun as well.

With mobile applications at your fingertips, you can increase productivity in almost any department across your enterprise. All you need is the expertise to understand what applications are best suited for your business process, and how to integrate them for maximum impact. So choose whatever apps work best for you, and make your burgeoning business, in the words of Shakespeare: As You Like It.

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