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The Importance Of Video Marketing

Back in 1950’s America, when everyday people started gradually buying televisions for their homes, inquisitive neighbors up and down the
block would sometimes gather in one living room to watch the hottest show at the time: The Honeymooners. Imagine a few dozen people all crammed into your home, hovering over a flickering black and white screen that was barely a foot square. Suffice it is to say, owning a TV back then was a BIG deal, and simply switching the awkward thing on at night was an excuse to literally throw a mini-block party.

The last 50 or so years has seen humanity go through a colossal shift in not only how people view video programs, but in the limitless numbers that we now have at our fingertips. In fact, according to the most recent statistics, more videos are uploaded to YouTube in one month than the 3 major US networks (NBC, ABC, CBS) created collectively in the last 60 years. That works out to roughly 48 hours of video being uploaded every single minute, resulting in an astonishing 8 years of content uploaded every day! Say what?

YouTube isn’t only for watching and uploading videos though. It’s now one of the premier outlets for on-going global social media, slowly gaining ground with the likes of the current industry giants like Facebook and Twitter. So far, and you just know this number is growing even as I write this, 100 million people take some form of social action on YouTube (likes, shares, comments, etc) every single week. The popularity that television and movies used to enjoy back in their heydays are slowly but unquestionably being vaporized by an unbeatable competitor: the Internet.

Now that’s obviously pretty bleak news for TV shows and movies, but it’s actually good news for you, especially if you’re interested in marketing yourself socially. According to Implix, video in email marketing has been shown to increase click through rates by over 96%. And Forrester Research recently came up with the fact that video increases the chance of a Google front page result by as much as 53 times with the right optimization. Video can help me with SEO? Bet on it. This is proof enough why if you’re not currently using video in some combination with your current marketing strategy, you’re eventually going to be left in the dust.

The bottom line is that although video (YouTube) marketing isn’t anything new, it’s progressively gaining more momentum now because the cost of video productions have been dramatically reduced. Thanks to a saturated market, coupled with better technology, the average consumer can now purchase high definition cameras (such as the Flip HD) for under $150 which creates amazing looking videos. Even the new iPhone has HD video capability that enables everyone to become a video producer whenever the mood strikes them. We’re in the throws of a media evolution where technology has fundamentally altered the way we consume media and interact with one another. Where once the prized media technology was only in the hands of the precious few, now it’s in the hands of the many… And that’s YOU.


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