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The Art Of Outsourcing

Are you a control freak? You know what I mean . . . you’ve just got to have your hand in absolutely everything, otherwise you feel like it’ll never get done correctly? There’s no shame in wanting things completed to your specifications (especially when it’s your business on the line), but nowadays with all that online marketing entails, do you realistically have the time to handle everything by yourself? If it’s within your budget, then you may want to think seriously about outsourcing some of those weekly ‘To Do’ items. Social Media is a great place to start . . .

It’s critical to remember from the get-go that whomever you bring on-board to act as your social media marketing consultant or strategist will be generating messages regarding your brand. Try not to think of it as someone who’s just handling your Facebook account . . . in effect, they’ll be your ‘voice’ for whatever it is that you’re marketing, and that ‘voice’ will be projecting all across the vastness of Cyberspace. And that’s an awfully BIG space, so choose wisely. Choose someone you trust.

  • Blogging – Blogging has quickly become one of the hottest and most effective ways to get your message out there, be they carefully crafted industry/brand related pieces to personal tirades regarding the NBA draft. Whatever your particular ‘bent’ is, hiring contractors familiar with your industry is a great way to build unique content, open a dialog with your audience, build a community, and generally step into the new form of customer communication.
  • Twitter – Getting your head around keeping up with your Twitter account may seem really time consuming and perhaps even a colossal waste of energy. But there are others out there who don’t quite see it that way. They recognize the value and rely on Twitter’s unique ability to communicate quick bursts of information that don’t require a full blog post. You’ll benefit by finding someone who can ‘Tweet’ on your behalf. Trust me.
  • Facebook – Believe it or not, Facebook isn’t just about adding friends and clicking ‘like’ every now and then. Building out product pages or creating groups around products and/or brands are two fantastic ways to increase exposure to your audience through fans and friends. Hire someone to manage your friends, upload photos, create image albums, participate in community discussions, or promote upcoming events or merchandise.


Outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t juggle your workload. It means that you’re wise enough to care about your online reputation, and willing to shell out some extra cash to make sure it’s done effectively. There’s other areas of social media ripe for possible outsourcing that I didn’t include: podcasts, video marketing, and online PR. Keep in mind too that sometimes we’re too heavily invested in our own message, but hiring a qualified outsider can help bring a fresh perspective to our goals, audience, and products. It might just be the thing we need to steer us in a new and exciting direction.


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