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Slow And Steady: The Art Of The ‘Climb’

As I write this post, those of us in the West who still use the nearly 500 year-old Gregorian calendar are about to say ‘farewell’ to 2011. In fact, we’re down to our last remaining ten days.

I caught an interview in 60mn of Alex Honnold, one of the best rock climber out there, recognized for his solo ascents mainly. You can watch it here 60mn Interview of Alex Honnold. And this whole climbing thing got me thinking: Hmm… nice place for an analogy. And I do love my analogies . . .

Take the analogy between climbing sheer rock faces in the spirit of world-renowned big wall free solo climbers like 26 year-old Alex Honnold and compare this with the slow, steady climb up in Google ranks.

Rock climbing, whether it’s of the aided type (employing ropes and other types of protection) or free soloing (in which the climber forgoes ropes, harnesses and other protective gear while ascending and relies only on his or her physical strength) requires a type of laser guided concentration, and overall belief in one’s abilities to succeed that go way beyond the bounds of everyday life.

Climbing also helps empty the mind of all the unnecessary ‘clutter’ that often keeps us from seeing the big picture, forcing the participant to focus exclusively on only what’s right in front of them . . . mainly the next step. Allowing your mind to wander aimlessly while scaling, say, Half Dome in Yosemite, could mean the end of you permanently.

Now I wouldn’t necessarily suggest that the stakes are the same when you’re looking to climb the Search Engine ranks and a 2,000 foot fall off a sheer cliff, but still, an unwillingness to take your time, concentrate, and focus only on the task at-hand could potentially result in the failure of your business.

It pays to take your time. It also helps to understand the meaning behind the maxim: The journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step. But when building up your business or ascending mountains, it isn’t just the first step that counts . . . it’s all the ones in between that matter equally as much. And here’s one more adage just for good measure: slow and steady always wins the race. Amen to that. And at MediaCorpus, we’ll makes sure you climb with ropes. Amen to that as well.


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