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SEO Code Of Ethics

As a professional and viable competitor operating within the International SEO industry, those of us serving at Media Corpus take great pride in offering our clientele exemplary service and results they can come to expect from a top-rated SEO organization.

The hard truth about our industry as it stands today is that it’s still sadly an unregulated one. Without a proper watch-dog establishment in place to protect the interests of companies in need of honest search engine optimization, this leaves the field wide open for unscrupulous firms that unfortunately stoop to dubious, back-handed methods to enhance their client’s visibility. They embarrass themselves with these abysmal tactics, and simultaneously give us all a bad name in the process.

At Media Corpus, we’ve made it one of our primary goals to go the other way, working to shed a positive light on our industry, by promoting and practicing ethical search engine optimization methods at all times.

Getting the results our customers want is obviously very important to us . . . but so is going about it with integrity and honesty. We regard our clients’ satisfaction as our greatest reward.

Therefore, as an SEO practitioner, Media Corpus voluntarily adheres to the following SEO Code Of Ethics stated by Bruce Clay:

  • No SEO practitioner will intentionally do harm to a client


  • No SEO practitioner will intentionally violate any specifically published and enforced rules of search engines or directories


  • No SEO practitioner will intentionally mislead, harm, or offend a consumer


  • No SEO practitioner will intentionally violate any laws


  • No SEO practitioner will falsely represent the content of the client site


  • No SEO practitioner will falsely represent others work as their own


  • No SEO practitioner will misrepresent their own abilities, education, training, standards of performance, certifications, trade group affiliations, technical inventory, or experiences to others


  • No SEO practitioner will participate in a conflict of interest without prior notice to all parties involved


  • No SEO practitioner will set unreasonable client expectations


  • All SEO practitioners will offer their clients both internal and external dispute resolution procedures


  • All SEO practitioners will protect the confidentiality and anonymity of their clients with regards to privileged information and items implying testimonial support for the SEO practitioner


  • All SEO practitioners will work to their best ability to increase or retain the rankings of client sites

Read more about the SEO Ethic by Bruce Clay


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