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Save Time and Money Developing a Website with Hand Drawn Wireframes

In order to facilitate the smooth development of your website,? thorough planning is necessary. We recommend a simple method to? organize the layout of content, features and graphics you wish to? convey on your website. Wireframing will allow you to easily ?communicate ideas to your web designer and avoid expensive, ?time-consuming changes.

It is always a good idea that all parties ?agree on what the end product will look like before coding begins.??A wireframe is a visual blueprint of the structure of the website ?including: header, footer, navigation menus, sidebar and content?areas. A typical wireframe usually does not include choice of?typography, color or design elements.

Although here at MediaCorpus, we ?have our own formula to work from and prefer clients to start thinking ?early about the aesthetic aspects of the website as well, so that? major changes are not needed if you realize that the arrangement of? content doesn’t fit your branding model. If you are having the website ?developed by us, we recommend including a rough sketch of your logo ?and other graphics or at least the location of these design elements.? Deciding on a color scheme and fonts will help you to create a clear ?uniform branding.

Dynamic features which expand, hover or otherwise move are difficult ?to describe on a paper wireframe, but we pose a simple solution to ?this. For each Web page create two wireframes- one without the?function enabled and another showing the behavior of the feature in ?effect. See the examples I’ve included.

Web Design - Wire Frame


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