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Explore fun, amazing, and safe activities for your kids near you.

Project Overview

Sopico is a local Boston Startup that allows parents to search and buy activities for their kids. We brainstormed the concept with the client, improved their business model and drew a wireframe in PowerPoint. We defined the specifications, processes, registration definitions, text inserts and security rights. Then designed each page in Photoshop, keeping the responsiveness in mind. We chose an open and modern minimalist design. We developed the front-end in CSS and HTML then the back-end in PHP, using the CodeIgniter framework. This eCommerce is structured so that activity providers can buy memberships to sell activities. Sopico retains a certain percentage on the sale. In order to do this, we used the Paypal Adaptive Payments API.


Photoshop (Custom Design), PHP (CodeIgniter), CSS3 (Twitter Bootstrap), HTML5, MySql