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Networking: Twitter-Style

Twitter is off the charts. Eons back . . . well, 2006 actually, but when we’re talking about technology, five years feels like eons . . . a bunch of geeky technologists put their heads together and created a way to communicate with each other that was fast and easy. And from this tiny egg hatched a monster: Twitter

Acting as a form of microblogging, Twitter has rapidly swelled in membership to nearly 300 million worldwide users, generating over 300 tweets per day and handling over 1.5 billion search engine queries as well.

Everyone’s ‘tweeting’ these days, sending out little 140 character-long messages about this, that, and every other topic imaginable: President Obama, Madonna, and maybe even your sweet silver-haired old grandmother. This is all fine and dandy to be sure, but how can you use it effectively as a mobilized platform to help promote your business?

Hold on there kid . . . Before you start figuring out how best to market yourself (we’ll hit that in future posts) it’s probably a good idea to begin with the twitter basics, as inNetworking. Connect first. Market later.

Surrounding yourself with folks who orbit within your sphere of business interest will not only help you connect with other like-minded types, it’ll give you all sorts of ideas about how best to make use of Twitter in the future. You can use Twitter to build relationships that might eventually lead to publicity, sales, and even new business opportunities. That’s what it’s for anyway right? So begin with these most popular networking tools, perfect for building up your trusted band of friends and followers:

WeFollow – This one’s pretty straight-forward and it’s been around for a few years. If you’re a Twitter member, all you have to do is simply add yourself to the WeFollow directory and select which category you want to be listed under. Then start tweeting with the people in your biz or area of interest. Simple.
Klout – Klout is great for locating the major movers-and-shakers within a given industry. These are the people you need to build relationships with, so you can get in front of their audiences, publicize your business, and eventually take over the world. That’s why it’s called Klout. It helps you create yours.
ExecTweets – This one’s kind of a no-brainer. Take a wild guess: which kind of folks will you find by using this handy little twitter tool? That’s right Da Vinci, the executives! Connect with the people in the big corner offices and you just might see your business prospects skyrocket beyond the stratosphere.

Twitter is an incredibly effective social business marketing tool that more and more businesses are starting to utilize all the time. Staying connected with others, keeping informed of current events, doing research, promoting yourself and your business are just some of the things Twitter brings to the table.

One of the biggest problems though comes in how best to leverage your time while simultaneously utilizing what Twitter can do to help grow your business. There’s a ton of Twitter management apps out there, so how do you know which ones are best for you? I’ll cover that in an up-coming blog post, so keep reading and spread the word. Or better yet, Tweet it instead!



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