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Mapinnovations.com – A Mapping Tool Made Easier

Tools – It’s widely agreed throughout the field of Anthropology that Humankind’s unique ability to create, manipulate, and utilize the technology of tools is what propelled our species from living in trees millions of years ago to riding on spaceships today. By inventing tools, humans were able to accomplish tasks that these frail, limited bodies of ours could not, like using a bow and arrow to kill prey, since our teeth were next to useless when it came to piercing many animals’ hides.

We’ve made some impressive intellectual leaps and bounds since the primitive Stone Age, fashioning endless lines of tools and devices over the centuries, each one designed to somehow make our lives a bit easier: knives, hammers, pencils, rulers, clocks, microscopes, eye glasses, airplanes, rockets, and even computers.

And with the fully-loaded power of a computer now safely in the palms of people’s hands all around the globe thanks to their treasured mobile devices, our collective access to information and data literally knows no bounds. Think of a mobile device like, say, your IPhone as ‘today’s toolkit,’ with each application contained therein acting as a separate instrument that’s instantly accessible wherever you happen to find yourself on Earth. Some of these ‘tools’ even access the Earth itself . . . from space.

Google Maps has to rank as one of the most popular and useful tools available. A web mapping service par excellence, Google Maps can give you directions to virtually any location on the planet, minus the north and south poles however. Despite its clear usefulness though, the program is not without its downside.

Back in the day, Google Maps used to be a simple mapping tool, although now it requires a complex process to have it seamlessly integrated onto a website or mobile device. Thankfully, there’s now a handier tool at your fingertips that makes integration easy and trouble-free: Map Innovations. MapInnovations.com generates a scant two lines of code which can readily be included on your webpage. The end result is a javascript overlay Google Maps integration with driving directions ready to go. It works and looks great…plus it’s absolutely free to use whenever you need to get from point A to B.

Across the ages, the true measure of a tool is in its simplicity and overall usefulness. By utilizing the very latest in Google Maps technology without ever having to leave your company’s website, Map Innovations easily qualifies as one of the more practical tools well worth adding to your growing mobile tool kit. Check them out today at: www.mapinnovations.com. See it in action on our home page.


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