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In The Interest Of Pinterest

imag3By combining the word ‘Pin’ with ‘Interest,’ founder Ben Silbermann of Iowa created Pinterest back in 2009, one of the latest in a long line of social media outlets to generate quite a lot of industry buzz, especially in just this last year alone. It all happened rather quickly, beginning with Time magazine naming Pinterest as one of its ‘50 Best Websites of 2011,’ followed shortly thereafter with over 11 million registered users by the end of the year. To date, Pinterest’s numbers are hovering right around 12 million total, making it the fastest site in history (so far) to break the 10 million user mark. So what’s the big deal with Pinterest anyway?

Right now it’s an ‘invite only’ thing, but chances are, that’ll change pretty fast. With 97% of its users currently women (a curious fact btw), Pinterest allows participants to share and collect pictures and videos that link back to their original source whether it’s a corporate site or a blog. No doubt part of its appeal, Pinterest is easy to use. Users ‘pin’ images to boards that are organized according to categories like ‘Art,’ ‘Fashion,’ ‘Food,’ or whatever you want. Users can ‘like’ an image or video, follow one another’s pin boards, leave comments if the mood strikes, and link their ‘pin board’ back o their Facebook page . . . so yeah it’s a lot of the same old song and dance, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for you too.

Okay, sharing pictures of your kid’s first trip to Disneyland is great, but can you use Pinterest for business branding and SEO? Absolutely.

Nowadays content doesn’t just refer to written text. Images are quickly becoming crucial to content strategies for businesses as well, and Pinterest gives you a great venue to capitalize on all that. Let’s say you’re a photographer, painter, filmmaker, cook, or anything else that can easily utilize a photo of what you do to help sell your wares . . . well now thanks to Pinterest you’ve got another platform to share your work with the world, generate links (that don’t go away mind you) and build an online presence.

By creating boards, filling them with compelling image content (pins), you can leverage Pinterest to show off your best sellers, brand new products, or reacquaint potential customers with older ones from your archives. And in case you don’t have as many items to sell like Crate and Barrel, use the pin boards to give us a glimpse of what goes on ‘behind the scenes.’ Photos of your office, fellow employees, your own unique creative process, or marking special events are all great fillers that can help with product branding and SEO. By the way, make sure for the sake of SEO that you create viable captions with the appropriate keywords for your photos. And don’t forget to get a conversation/dialogue going by encouraging comments from any of your followers.

There’s lots of things you can do with Pinterest with regard to product marketing, branding, and SEO. It’s easy to use, and with so much media buzz being generated thanks to its recent success, everyone’s talking about it . . . so jump on the wagon and see what happens. You never know until you give it a whirl.


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