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How Blog Commenting Can Drive Traffic To Your Doorstep

If success is the primary goal for your online business (it’s really a Catch 22 – you can’t have one without the other), then driving traffic to your website is an absolute necessity. Period. Commenting on other peoples blogs is a common strategy for helping to ‘up the numbers’ to your own site . . . but there’s a right way to go about this and a wrong way.

First the WRONG way. Usually referred to as ‘Curiosity Clicks,’ this involves leaving quick, one sentence comments that really don’t further along the discussion or leave any kind of worthwhile lasting impression on whomever happens to read what you wrote. Lots of bloggers unfortunately resort to this goofy and off-putting tactic, caught up in a mindset that’s more analogous to strafe bombing every blog in their reach rather than carefully choosing targets and then taking thoughtful, precise aim. They’re hoping that if they leave a ‘quick’ comment on your blog, then you’ll be more opt to check out their blog/website. But their clicks onto your site are mere ‘curiosities’ too, so do you benefit from such a lame tactic? No, you don’t.

Plus, in their rush to leave the first comment (also a misguided approach as this does nothing to improve their standing), most of the time theirs just ends up reading like they never bothered to actually read the post or sadly missed the point altogether in the ridiculously silly rush to nab the first spot. I’ve got news for you: being first in this case usually doesn’t amount to squat. I’d rather leave a thoughtful comment in the 100th slot than a dumb one in the 1st any day.

Now the RIGHT way to leave blog comments. It’s called ‘Building Relationships’ and it takes time, care, and a great deal of effort on your part. Shocking isn’t it? By meaningfully participating in the community-driven aspect of whichever blog you’re following, you’ll invariably create the sort of useful and rewarding relationships with other people in the blog-o-sphere who can then usher significant traffic in your direction via re-tweets, social bookmarking, social media votes, and the all-important links.

It’s no mystery as to what makes for success. It’s the same thing across any and all business platforms on earth, and it hasn’t changed much at all since the beginning of time: creating and maintaining good, solid relationships with your customers/audience. It’s frustrating to watch prospective online entrepreneurs repeatedly ruin their prospects by trying to rush a process that requires time and care. In your quest to be successful, dig in for the ‘long haul;’ it’ll pay off in the end . . . just be patient and move forward with your best foot.


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