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Common Myths About Blogs

In the spirit of the ‘chicken vs. egg’ question that has plagued Humankind for eons (okay, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement), I’ve got a different one to posit: which came first, the website or the blog? This one’s much easier to answer . . . website obviously, but you already knew that.

Signaling a shift in how businesses both large and small conduct themselves throughout the global marketplace these days, blogs have quickly become a fairly indispensable component of many websites.

Now that blogs of every nature number in the hundreds of millions worldwide, it’s no surprise that a virtual fleet of myths have sprung up over the years regarding what it takes to build a successful blog, how they should look, how often you should post, and what’s the ideal length of a post. Here’s a few of the bigger myths floating around out there to chew on:

1. I Must Post Daily – Most bloggers out there already know that this is definitely not the way to go, but the discussion is nonetheless a hot topic. If you’re a new organization with a gaggle of journalists, then yeah, daily posting is pretty much a must. But if you’re a lone writer, small company, or even a larger one, 2 to 4 posts tops every 7 days is ample. Focus on quality first and worry about quantity later on down the road.

2. Write For Yourself Or Write For Your Readers – I’m a big believer in passion, especially when it comes to both trusting and following it, but unless you’re writing your blog to appeal to your loyal band of readers, you’re doomed. The only way to build a community is to write about the things your readers are interested in. Do that and they’ll keep coming back. Ignore them and your blog efforts will come to naught. That’s a guarantee.

3. Avoid Long Posts – This one’s a bit tricky. Ask 100 bloggers this question and you’ll probably have an even 50/50 split down the middle, but I say, if getting your message across takes 1,000 words, so be it. So long as it’s your intent to keep the readers engaged in whatever you’re writing about, don’t cheapen what could have been an awesome blog post by being an obsessive word-counter.

4. You Must Be A Great Writer – Being a great writer certainly doesn’t hurt your blog’s chances at success, but thankfully it’s not a necessity either. I always say: the more you read, the better you’ll write, and the more you write, the better you’ll get. With time and a sturdy level of persistence, your writing will gradually improve. And in case you’re still a bit concerned about the quality, hire a trusted friend to do a little editing for you.

5. Blogging’s Easy – We’re obsessed in our 21st Century culture with doing things that’ll be ‘quick and easy.’ Here’s the rub though: quick and easy is just a lot of BS. Everything takes time and effort, whether you’re aiming at becoming a gifted artist or a successful blogger/writer. Blogging’s not easy, but it does have its fair share of benefits freely available to those strong-of-spirit types who stick with it


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