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Being Clever > Being Powerful

Last month NASA launched the world’s biggest extraterrestrial explorer, a car-sized rover aptly named: Curiosity. The 1-ton vehicle, complete with drills, jackhammers and even lasers, will take 8 1/2 months to reach the planet Mars after having completed a journey of more than 350 million miles through deep space.

Ask any person on the street about the most rudimentary aspects of space flight, and chances are, they’re probably under the impression that these interstellar probes are powered by rockets all during their voyages. Not so. In fact, they’re coasting along almost the whole time, with gentle gravitational assists altering both directions and speeds.

On our journeys to the Moon back in the late 60’s/early 70’s, powered flight consisted of about 17 minutes of the total 70-hour trip. The ‘coasting’ upper stage of the giant Saturn V’s gradually slowed down, thanks to the influence of the Earth’s gravitational field tugging on its behind. If the Moon hadn’t come along at just the right moment, the rocket, with its three tiny astronauts crammed into the dinky capsule on top, would have plummeted back to the Earth instead of being attracted to the Moon.

It pays to be clever instead of being merely powerful.

So how exactly does this apply to your own life and why am I bothering you with an anecdote about rockets and gravity? Well, go ahead and ask yourself how things are going . . .

• Is your business performing the way you’d like it to?

• Are you drawing the volume of traffic to your website that you’d anticipated?

• Have you looked into what SEO can potentially do for you and your business? Or has that idea been tossed aside yet again?

• How’s the blog coming along? Are you consistently updating it with relevant and compelling information? Has it been forgotten, stagnant for some weeks now, or even months? Have you even started it at all?

• Are you approaching your own work, no matter what it is, with the intention of cleverly using your time and resources to their optimum effect . . . or are you simply barreling ahead blindly trying to do as much as humanly possible like a bull let loose in a china shop?

It pays to be clever with how you spend your time and money. Whether you’re running your own business from a neighbor’s garage, or overseeing a team of hundreds of NASA scientists all working towards getting their precious rover safely to Mars, cleverness trumps foolishness every time. I mean, why waste all that pricey rocket fuel when gravity will not only do 95% of the work . . . it’ll never fail you?


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