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Avoid Getting “Clicked-Off”

Every single time someone visits your website, they immediately become a potential customer. And every single time someone decides, for whatever reason, to ‘click off,’ you’ve lost them. With hundreds of millions of websites currently in existence, and thousands of new ones poppingup each day, the online competition is about as fierce as it can get on planet Earth.

So yeah, first impressions count a lot . . . even more so now than they did before computers took over the world. Think about it, what’s easier and faster for you to do: turn around and walk out of a store on-foot, or click away from a potentially confusing and cumbersomely built website while sipping your morning coffee still in your bathrobe and slippers? It’s obvious right? Avoid getting ‘clicked-off’ and follow the suggestions below . . . your business will thank you.

Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation – I shouldn’t even have to elaborate on this one, but you’d be surprised (or maybe not) at how many grade-school mistakes I see on websites

of all kinds . . . punctuation that’s outside the quotation marks (very bad), run-on sentences, the on-going confusion between ‘their’ and ‘there,’ ‘steel’ and ‘steal,’ or ‘its’ and ‘it’s.’ I know, even the best writers in the world make mistakes, but unless you’ve got a personal editor on the payroll who does nothing but fix your prose all day, you’re going to have to be your own grammar, spelling, and punctuation watchdog. Bad writing is bad for a reason . . . it looks really bad.

Get Their Attention – When it comes to a website that works or doesn’t, it pretty much boils down to 2 things: cool images and great content. For example, instead of using canned stock photos, try hiring a photographer to take some more creative pictures, and fashion some catchy headlines to help lure readers towards that amazing content you’ve written. Also remember that when it comes to text, break paragraphs up with a bulleted list, maybe a chart, or even an appropriate quote.

Get Clear And Stay Focused – Websites that are a virtual hodgepodge of dizzyingly

disorganized content that fills every available inch of screen space give me, and everyone else on the planet, a raging migraine. Yes, you should definitely keep SEO keywords clearly in mind as you build your content, but when you’re unfocused about what you’re trying to convey, all the good SEO work in the world will never save you. You’ll get ‘clicked-off’ in a hurry and for good reason.

It’s an unfortunate reality of the way things are in 2012, but with so many distractions online all designed to yank you in a thousand directions at once, you’ve got even less time to woe any potential clients/customers. Ultimately you want people to stay on your site, enjoy their experience, and hopefully take away something of value. Don’t spoon-feed them a reason to leave before you’ve even had a chance to show them how outrageously awesome you and your products are. Avoid these common pitfalls, otherwise you won’t even get out of the starting gate.



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